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Brand Design, Custom Web Design, Ecommerce and Marketing

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In 2023 Tucson Hay was founded as the go-to hay delivery service for top-quality hay that keeps your animals happy and thriving. Their mission is to provide exceptional hay products and outstanding customer service to animal and horse owners in Tucson and the surrounding areas.

Project Goals Included:

  • Custom Brand Creation

  • Custom Web Design
  • Ecommerce Development

  • Locally focused digital marketing

Project Goals

  • Create brand and vision that speaks to horse and animal lovers.

  • Develop a shopping cart that allows for a variety of hay products and scheduling of deliveries.

  • Customize website messaging.

  • Design a local marketing strategy that includes lead capture, ongoing specials and social media engagement.

Tucson Hay Logo design

Phase 1: Brand Creation

Logo & Brand Design

Our design team worked with Tucson Hay to create the perfect brand. Including logo deisgn, font selections, colors and messaging.


  • Incluson of Requested Elements

  • Custom framing and color selections

  • Designed with the horse audience in Mind

  • Created in a variety of formats for easy printing and other marketing needs.

Phase 2: Custom Web Desgin

Custom WordPress Design

Our WordPress design team built the new website on a mobile-responsive WordPress framework, allowing our client the ability to easily track and manage sales and leads after website launch.


  • Easy To Use, Mobile-Responsive WordPress Framework
  • Designed for fast loading pages

  • Designed with the horse and animal end user in mind

  • Local photography that captures the local feel and creates authenticity

Tucson hay Design
Tucson hay Cart and Checkout Pages

Phase 3: Ecommerce Integration

Custom Woocommerce Shopping Cart

We built out a custom shopping cart to allow for order and delivery scheduling all in one step. Along with the cart we implemented custom messaging based on payment and delviery options.


  • Custom Cart and Checkout pages for higher conversions

  • Order Delivery Scheduling Inegration

  • Customized email messaging

Phase 4: Digital Marketing

Local Digital Marketing

Along the way we integrated essential marketing elements to give Tucson Hay the competitive edge.


  • Lead Capture and Management

  • Abandoned Cart Notices and Recovery
  • Local digital marketing campaign

  • Reputation Management

  • Local SEO Campaign

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Tucson Hay Checkout Page