WordPress Maintenance – Is It Important to Your Business?

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WordPress Maintenance – Is It Important to Your Business?

Wordpress Maintenance - Is it important to your business?If you read blogs and visit websites, you have encountered WordPress. First launched in May 2003, WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that started out as a user-friendly blogging and website platform. Since its inception, the popularity of WordPress has exploded and it has grown into the world’s largest and most reliable CMS.

With its ease of use and the ability to use or modify the WordPress software for free, it has become a terrific tool for many businesses and individuals looking to manage important aspects of their website. But, as Spiderman’s Uncle Ben warned, with great power comes great responsibility. That means protecting your investment with regular maintenance.

How Big Is WordPress Really?

Today, WordPress runs an estimated 35 percent of the entire internet, according to BuiltWith, and roughly 50 percent of the top 1 million sites in the world operate on WordPress. People not only blog on WordPress, but the software powers more than 34 percent of all websites on the internet. More than 20 percent of small business owners use WordPress because it is so simple to use.

An Easy-to-Use CMS

WordPress is easy to use because it comes with open source plugins that allow users to adapt their websites for a variety of uses. WordPress allows you to easily incorporate interactive maps, e-commerce, blogs, social media buttons, video, and more. It’s also pretty self-explanatory and easy to use even for the novice.

Why You Need Maintenance

With the digital world in which we all live, maintenance is incredibly important when it comes to WordPress. Due to the open-source nature of the platform, plugins and themes are susceptible to vulnerabilities and hackers are at the ready to take advantage of them. These technical vulnerabilities can be guarded against with proper maintenance which includes keeping your core WordPress files current as well as your themes and plugins updated.

While WordPress updates are easy to perform, they can be time consuming and things can sometimes go wrong. When things do go awry, it’s best to have a backup in place so you can quickly recover your site, themes, and plugins. That’s where WordPress maintenance can help even more.

What Maintenance Should Cover

If you love your WordPress platform but want to relieve yourself of the burden of maintaining it, you can hire a third-party service provider such as jVista WordPress Maintenance. These providers should actively monitor your site for updates to your themes, your WordPress core, and all of your plugins. Your WordPress maintenance provider should also check for vulnerabilities and outdated plugins that make your site vulnerable to hackers. When they find updates, your provider should perform the upgrades for you and check your site to ensure it is fully functional so it is always up and running smoothly.

Who Can I Call?

If you’re interest in truly worry-free WordPress maintenance service that saves you time, money and lets you have time to focus on business, contact jVista WordPress Maintenance at (520) 302-5582. We offer monthly maintenance packages for as low as $100 a month which also includes website hosting, maintenance, and a secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate which shows potential visitors to your site that it’s safe to visit. That price also includes complete backup services that are performed daily. That means if your site does experience a breach, jVista can get it back up and running fast as if nothing had happened at all. Your data and investment can be completely restored.

For more information about WordPress maintenance, our monthly maintenance packages, or other WordPress questions, contact the WordPress experts at jVista WordPress Maintenance now at (520) 302-5582 or visit us online. We’ll even knock off 20 percent of your monthly maintenance fee if you share your email address with us an allow us to share important information with you. Just ask us to learn more about this discount.

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